01. Arizona State University
Contact Person: Azza Amer
Facebook Page: N/A
Google Maps: Arizona state university

02. Boston University 
Contact Person: Karim Ismail
Facebook Page: N/A
Google Maps: Boston University

03. Georgia Tech University 
Contact Person: Habiba Elshazly
Facebook Page: ESAGT
Google Maps: Georgia Tech University

04. Iowa State University 
Contact Person: Moataz Abdelkhalek
Facebook Page: ESA.ISU
Google Maps: Iowa State University

05. North Carolina State University 
Contact Person: Omar Khalafalla
Facebook Page: ESANA.NCSU
Google Maps: North Carolina State University

06. Pennsylvania State University 
Contact Person: Hamsa Fayed
Facebook Page: N/A
Google Maps: Pennsylvania State University

07. Purdue University 
Contact Person: Ahmed Abdelaal
Facebook Page: ESAPURDUE
Google Maps: Purdue University

08. University of Florida 
Contact Person: Ahmed Elshikha
Facebook Page: Egyptian-Students-Association-at-UF
Google Maps: University of Florida

09. University of Houston 
Contact Person: Nadia Shaheen
Facebook Page: N/A
Google Maps: University of Houston

10. University of Minnesota 
Contact Person: Masa Arafa
Facebook Page: UMN
Google Maps: University of Minnesota

11. University of Texas A&M 
Contact Person: Hatem Osman
Facebook Page: N/A
Google Maps: University of Texas A&M

12. University of Arkansas

Contact Person: Alaa Abdelgawad
Facebook Page: N/A
Google Maps: University of Arkansas

13. New Jersey Institute of Technology

Contact Person: Mohab Hussein
Facebook Page: N/A
Google Maps: New Jersey Institute of Technology

14. University of California Berkely

Contact Person: Sarah Hassan
Facebook Page: ESAB
Google Maps: University of California, Berkely