Meet ESANA’s Vice President and Acting President, Mayar Allam

Mayar is currently pursuing her Ph.D. degree in the joint biomedical engineering program between Georgia Institute of Technology and Emory University School of Medicine. She completed her Bachelor’s degree in biomedical engineering at Arizona State University. During her time at ASU, she was studying the impact of the tumor microenvironment on breast cancer progression using 3D microfluidic models. Mayar is currently utilizing bioimaging and biocomputation techniques to better understand the impact of the tumor microenvironment on the progression of lung cancer. 

Mayar is passionate about engineering education as well as cancer-related research, and she aspires to pursue a career in academia by becoming a professor in a top research university.
Mayar grew up in Cairo, Egypt and enjoys traveling and learning about different cultures.

We’re excited to have Mayar in the team!