Established in 1972, The Egyptian Student Association in North America (ESANA), is a registered non-profit organization, that aims at integrating the Egyptian student community in North America with the research and public community in North America, Egypt and worldwide. ESANA is the largest Egyptian student gathering outside Egypt, with a number of members exceeding 1800 and over 37 local chapters (units) throughout Canada and the US.

ESANA has three primary goals:

  1. A syndicated goal: to protect and care for the affairs of its members, to objectively analyze and work hard on solving their problems and to represent them on all official and non-official levels.
  2. A promotional goal: to expose the true civilized character of Egypt and to promote for the national efforts of Egypt for peace before the American, Canadian and International societies.
  3. A scientific goal: to follow-up on the scientific deficiencies in Egypt and try to provide solutions within the resources of ESANA.