Egyptian Student Association in North America “ESANA”

Dear Respectful ESANA Representatives,


ESANA is in the process of planning for the upcoming GA meeting after a call for the GA meeting has been initiated by ESANA units. In order to proceed with the process in the most efficient way, we would like to first collect all the updated ESANA unit representatives’ contact information so that our invitations for the GA meeting could be sent to the correct people.


We would like all ESANA members to be aware that in the last two years we have been trying to retrieve ESANA`s money back to the official ESANA account, because it was not appropriately transferred to us for over two years from the former ESANA treasurer. After many efforts, we recently were successfully able to get back ESANA`s money, and we currently have it in the official ESANA bank account.


Before we discuss the details for the upcoming GA meeting, we would like to ask all our ESANA units to please fill out the following form to help us collect the most recent and updated information about the representatives of each unit:


Please fill out this form before 11:59pm on June, 28th 2015. Please also spread this message out to all ESANA members that might not have received it, especially current unit representatives. After June 28th, we will send out more details about the GA meeting that will be held in the near future.


Thank you,

ESANA – President