Meet ESANA’s Media Officer Volunteer, Omar Alaa kamel

Omar is a master’s student at the faculty of Engineering and applied science of Memorial University of Newfoundland in Canada. His research is focused on using acoustic emission sensors in concrete structures to detect and quantify damages. He is developing 24/7 structural health monitoring criteria.

Omar completed his bachelor degree in structural engineering at Alexandria University in 2017, ranking among the top 5 of his class. He held positions as a teaching assistant and a research assistant in concrete materials major for 3 years before moving to Canada. During his academic career, he worked as a structural designer and executive engineer for several mega projects such as Zahia community in North East, Egypt and the Egyptian military naval base in north-west Egypt.

Omar grew up in Alexandria, Egypt, and he enjoys developing ultra high-performance concrete and simulating structures with FEA models. Omar is also passionate about Badminton.

We’re excited to have Omar in the team!