Meet ESANA’s Units Officer, Ahmed Gamal Mowafy

Ahmed is a Ph.D. candidate at the department of civil engineering at University of AlbertaHis research focuses on the effective use of steel in combination with timber to enhance the structural behavior of Mass Timber Structures against earthquakes. Ahmed earned his MSc degree in 2016 and BSc degree in 2011 from Alexandria University. He also held many positions as a structural engineer in different consultant offices and companies until he co-founded  Civil, Marine and Coastal Engineering office (CMC) in 2016. Then, he joined UofA in 2018 to start his Ph.D. journey. He was elected as ESA Vice president for Media in 2019 and President in 2020 at the University of Alberta. 

Ahmed has developed solid skills that can be the basis of a successful career in the field of structural engineering from both academic and practical perspectives. As a structural steel Engineer/Researcher, he would like to set an example for other similarly-determined students in his larger academic and personal communities, and he looks forward to a dynamic career as a consultant of structural engineering facilities to provide more intelligent solutions to the construction industry’s challenges.
Ahmed grew up in Baltim, Egypt until he moved to Alexandria to start his journey with Engineering.

We’re excited to have Ahmed in the team!